Public defense 13 March: Tore Aadland

Tore Aadland has submitted the following academic thesis as a part of the doctoral work at University of Bergen, Department of Earth Science:

«Disentangling time from siliciclastic sedimentary rocks»

The following assessment committee has been appointed to assess the thesis:

  • Professor Peter Burgess, University of Liverpool
  • Dr. Joep Storms, Delft University
  • Associate Professor Christian Haug Eide, University of Bergen (coordinator of the committee)

The public defense of the thesis takes place at the University of Bergen, Realfagbygget, Aud. 5., on 13 March, 2019, at 10:15.

The doctoral work has been carried out at the Department of Earth Science at UiB, and was funded by ARCEx – Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration. Professor William Helland-Hansen, Department of Earth Science, UiB, has been the candidates main supervisor. Professor Snorre Olaussen, Department of Arctic Geology, UNIS, has been the candidate’s co-supervisor.

The trial lecture took place on 25 February, 2019, at the University of Bergen with the subject Sediment load from rivers to oceans: Measurement techniques, history of investigation, controls, and future perspectives.” The presentation is available for intranet users.