Open position: PhD Research Fellowship in Paleontology / Sedimentology

ARCEx is recruiting a PhD Candidate in the area of Paleontology / Sedimentology. The 3-year fellowship will be based at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo.

The candidate will study Triassic biofacies with both organic rich sediment (anoxic deposit) and beds with extensive bioturbation and invertebrate fauna, with focus on the Middle Triassic Botneheia Formation in Svalbard.

The aim is to improve our understanding of the paleoenvironment of the High Boreal Triassic, integrating paleontology with sedimentology and organic geochemistry. The project will involve field and laboratory work, taxonomic description, statistical and ecological analysis.

For more information and how to apply, please refer to the full announcement.

Application deadline: 10 June 2018

Please note that the starting date is no later than August 2018, as the candidate is required to join field work in Svalbard this summer.