Mohamed Mansour Abdelmalak is a new ARCEx postdoc at the University of Oslo. Abdelmalak will join the team of WP1&WP2 Geology, where he will be working with his project titled “North Atlantic-Arctic tectonics related to the wider Barents Sea paleogeography and basin evolution”.

I am a senior Geologist/Geophysicist with a broad background in seismic and potential field data interpretation, structural geology, tectonic, sedimentology and basin analysis, cartography and ArcGIS system, and petroleum geology. I worked on projects covering the South and North Atlantic rifted margins with a main focus on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), the Baffin Bay- Labrador Sea and Davis Strait areas and the East Greenland margins.

I am a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences since 2010 obtained at Geodynamic Laboratory (Le Mans University, France). I am the author of several scientific papers and international presentations on the mapping/determination of tectonic and structural evolution of volcanic margins, thermal evolution and characterization of sedimentary basin and experimental modelling.

My research experience includes a multidisciplinary approach to study rifted margins using a range of techniques going from the intrusion scale to basin/crustal scale. My research experience includes mainly:

  • Tectonic evolution of the North Atlantic region, timing and regional correlations
  • Rifting and breakup magmatism in the North Atlantic
  • Mapping, characterisation and influence of magmatism on margin structure and thermal evolution
  • Crustal architecture and sedimentary basin evolution, crustal thinning, structural/tectonic inheritance – segmentation, basin modelling, geodynamic models and structural restoration

My main professional experience includes:

  • ArcGis mapping and geodatabase establishment
  • 2D/3D seismic interpretation, basin analysis, and margin prospectivity
  • Gravity and magnetic data analysis
  • Field work experience and consultancy (West Greenland basin geology)
  • Organic matter analysis (RockEval and Vitrinite reflectance)
  • 2D experimental modelling
  • Rock magnetic paragenesis determination

Mohamed Mansour Abdelmalak