Meet Eric Salomon, new ARCEx Postdoc

Eric Salomon is a new ARCEx postdoc at University of Bergen. Eric will join the team of work package 2, Petroleum systems and play concepts. In this text he briefly describes his background and research interests. 

After completing my MSc at the University of Münster, Germany, with a thesis on paleoseismology of an active thrust fault in Argentina, I moved on to the University of Mainz, Germany, to begin studying passive continental margins. Here I conducted my PhD thesis and a year of post-doctoral research dealing with the tectonic evolution of onshore margins along the South Atlantic. Focus was on the comparison of the NW Namibian and southern Brazilian margins with respect to basement inheritance on rifting and stress evolution since continental breakup, complemented with studying fluid flow within eolian sandstone that was affected by the rifting.

As rift and passive margin geology continuously arouses my particular interest, I am very happy to now be part of ARCEx, within WP 2 and based at the UiB in Bergen. My focus will be on basin bounding fault zones with attention especially drawn on fluid circulation systems within these zones. The aim is to understand whether hanging and footwall of the damage zone have experienced similar or diverging fluid flow in the past. This assessment will help to comprehend whether the faults acted as barriers or conduits in the course of their evolution. Field area will be at the Djomberg Fault along the Wollaston Forland in NE Greenland, which displaces Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous sedimentary rocks against Caledonian basement rocks.


Eric Salomon