Everybody, who has been on a reserach cruise knows that there will be sampling plan. However, there will also occur changes, and then there will be the revision of the sampling plan, and the revision of the revision and so on.

The ARCEx cruise already had a change in the plan, before we started from Longyearbyen on 17.5.

Chief scientist Paul Wassmann became unfortunately sick, and thus myself had to take over as cruise leader. For an early carrier scientist like me this is quite a big thing, because this means that I am the one deciding on what to do where and come up with alternative sampling plans.

However, with the well-experienced crew of the research vessel Helmer Hanssen and a nice group of 22 scientists and 2 artists, I was rather comfortable to take the task and I am looking forward to a great cruise and loads of new findings in the fjords of Svalbard (van Mijenfjorden, Hornsund, Storfjorden) and the Barents Sea.

(Text: Ingrid Wiedmann, ARCEx PostDoc)