Compilation of Master’s theses 2014-2018

Since the establishment in 2013, ARCEx has contributed to education at universities affiliated to the centre at all levels, from B.Sc. to PhD, including the supervision of about 70 M.Sc. students. The theses of the M.Sc. students with affiliation to ARCEx addressed a large variety of scientific topics ranging from geological fieldwork, processing and interpretation of seismic data, to numerical modelling – all relevant for hydrocarbon exploration. The students worked both on more generic topics, as well as on specific onshore and offshore studies in geographic areas ranging from Mid-Norway to Svalbard, in particular the Barents Sea and Svalbard. The types of materials dealt with in the theses range from ice (both permafrost, sea ice and gas hydrates) to fluids, salt and rocks, the latter including both sedimentary and igneous rocks. Timeframes of the studies covered the present and geological intervals up several hundreds of millions of years back in time. The durations of processes studied vary from milliseconds – related to the migration of seismic waves – to tens of thousands and millions of years – due to the activities of ice sheets and tectonics. One should also notice that the supervision of the M.Sc. students changed from often single-supervisor guidance during an early phase of ARCEx to almost exclusively collaborative supervision by experts from academia, authorities and industry, both from Norway and abroad.

This booklet contains a compilation of abstracts from the M.Sc. theses finalised with contribution from ARCEx, giving you a taste of competence generated by future experts potentially contributing to Arctic Petroleum Exploration.

ARCEx Master’s theses 2014-2018