This year’s Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics (AMGG) research school workshop is arranged in Tromsø on 18th – 25th September by ARCEx and CAGE at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The theme for this year’s workshop is «Glaciated continental margins and their glacial history».

The workshop is open for everyone to sit in for one or more of the lectures. Only master students registered for GEO-3145 and PhD students registered for GEO-8145 will gain credit points for the workshop

PROGRAM FOR AMGG WORKSHOP – Glaciated continental margins and their glacial history

Tuesday 18. September:

09:15 Introduction and plans for the workshop, themes for reports (Jan Sverre Laberg et al.)
Onset of northern hemisphere glaciations (Jan Sverre Laberg)
Glacial history of the Ross Sea area, Antarctica (Jan Sverre Laberg)

Wednesday 19. September:

09:15 The LGM Barents Sea Ice Sheet (Monica Winsborrow)
13:15 Modelling of the LGM Barents Sea Ice Sheet (Henry Patton)

Thursday 20. September:

09:15 Sedimentary processes and paleoenvironments of fjords (Matthias Forwick)
13:15 Anthropogenic influence on glaciated margins (Juho Junttila)

Friday 21. September:

09:15 Proxies and palaeoceanography (Katrine Husum, Norwegian Polar Institute)
13:15 Diatoms in paleoceanography and paleoclimatology (Arto Miettinen, Norwegian Polar Institute)

Monday 24. September

09:15 The glaciated continental margin of Norway (Tom Arne Rydningen)
13:15 The NE Greenland continental margin during the LGM – Holocene (Ingrid Leirvik Olsen)

Tuesday 25. September:

09:15 The Cenozoic evolution of the Arctic Ocean (Matt O´Regan, University of Stockholm)

Wednesday 25. September:

09:15 How to be involved and what to expect? Examples from IODP Expeditions 374 and 333 (Jan Sverre Laberg)
13:15 Instability of the DML sector of the Antarctic Ice Sheet (Kenichi Matsuoka, Norwegian Polar Institute)

Rooms will be announced later on the courses’ websites, under «Schedule».

Photo: Torger Grytå, UiT.