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Providing state of the art education for students is one of the key goals for ARCEx. Our motivation is to educate the experts for the next generation of petroleum exploration in the Arctic regions. Cooperation between key researchers from our academic and industrial partner organisations will ensure the best available expertise for educating future specialists.

ARCEx is training PhD fellows in a variety of disciplines, both within Basin Analysis, Petroleum Systems, Environmental Risk Management and Technology for Petroleum Exploration. Meet the ARCEx fellows here.

From Fall 2015, ARCEx and the Department of Geosciences at UiT The Arctic University of Norway launches a new Master’s specialization in Petroleum Geoscience. Read more about the Master’s specialization in Petroleum Geoscience here.

ARCEx will continuously develop new petroleum related courses, aiming at improving the petroleum related education. Read more about the multidisciplinary UNIS course developed by Jasmine Nahrgang and the New NPD taught course Management of Petroleum Resources.

If you have questions regarding education, please contact.

List of Master’s theses written in collaboration with ARCEx: 


Broze, Elliot (2017): The occurrence of flow transformations within sandy submarine fans: A case study from the Eocene on Spitsbergen.UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Eikelmann, Isak Emil Skadsem (2017): Shallow stratigraphic cores NW of Bjørnøya, results and implications. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Festøy, Marte Hergot (2017): Integrated characterization of igneous intrusions in Central Spitsbergen. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Gotliebsen, Katrine (2017): Exploratory data analysis of flexural waves in Arctic fjord ice seismic data. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Kalak, Amra (2017): Cretaceous and Cenozoic tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the southern Lofoten and northern Vøring margins, offshore northern Norway. University of Oslo.

Krokmyrdal, Suchada (2017): Sedimentary environment and seismic anomalies of the upper Brygge and Kai formations on the northern part of the Mid-Norwegian Continental Shelf. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Martins, Gustavo de Aguiar (2017): Seismic interpretation and stratigraphy of the Paleogene in the Bjørnøya Basin, western Barents Sea.UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Toonen, Ruud (2017): Geological controlling parameters on seismic imaging of igneous intrusions on Svalbard. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Yankina, Anna (2017): Petroleum systems of the Barents shelf: A regional well-based study of the Mesozoic. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.


Bergø, E. (2016): Analyses of Paleozoic and Mesozoic brittle fractures in West-Finnmark. Geometry, kinematics and relations to structures on the Finnmark Platform in the southwestern Barents Sea. UiT the Arctic University of Norway. [link]

Grimstad, S. (2016): Salt structures and salt tectonics in the Central and NE segments of the Nordkapp Basin, Barents Sea. University of Oslo.

Hagset, A. (2016): Seismic attributes, well correlation and geostatistical analysis for sequence variability prediction in the Sleipner area.   UiT the Arctic University of Norway

Høgseth, G. (2016): The Cenozoic pre-glacial sedimentary environment of the SW Barents Sea continental margin – Lofoten Basin.UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Jensen, K. (2016): Modelling and Processing of flexural wave noise in sea ice. UiB

Johansen, S. (2016): Depositional environments of the Upper Triassic Snadd Formation on the Loppa High, SW Barents Sea. UiT the Arctic University of Norway

Karlsen, K.M. (2016): Evolution of an Eocene prograding system in the Tromsø Basin, southwestern Barents Sea, UiO.

Karlsen, N.A. (2016): AVO study of the Salina discovery on the Loppa High in the south-western Barents Sea. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Lea, H. (2016): Analysis of Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic brittle faults and fractures in West-Finnmark: geometry, kinematics, fault rocks and the relationship to offshore structures on the Finnmark Platform in the SW Barents Sea. UiT the Arctic University of Norway. [link]

Njå, E. (2016): The sequence stratigraphic development of the Late Permian Kapp Starostin Formation, central Spitsbergen. University of Bergen, The University Centre in Svalbard.

Prytz, A.(2016): The Use of Seismic Attributes and Well Data for Prediction of Reservoir Sand Definition in the Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea. UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

Prytz, R. (2016): Seabed depressions in the Ingøydjupet Through and their relation to buried canyons on the Loppa High, Barents Sea. UiT the Arctic university of Norway.

Thi, T.H.H. (2016): Salt structures and salt tectonics in the western segment of the Nordkapp Basin, Barents Sea. University of Oslo.

Wilhelmsen, H.C.R. (2016): Cretaceous tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Ribban and northern Træna basins at the Lofoten margin, offshore northern Norway. University of Oslo.


Aghataghiyev, E., Evolution of Tromsø Basin in the light of salt tectonics. NTNU, 2014/2015. [intranet]

Babyev, M., Seismic Expression of Deep-Water Fan with an Example from Triassic in Southwestern Barents Sea, NTNU, 2015. [intranet]

Bakke, S., Seismiske bølger i havis, UiB, 2015. [intranet]

Buriro, A., Seismic Interpretation and Characterization of the North Sea Chalk Group. NTNU, 2014/2015. [intranet]

Enga, J., Paleosols in the Triassic De Geerdalen and Snadd formations, UNIS, NTNU, 2015. [intranet]

Haraldsvik, K., Analyse av mesozoiske forkastninger og asymmetriske landskap i et profil over Lofotryggen ved Leknes, Vestvågøy. Implikasjoner for dannelsen av roterte forkastningsblokker, riftrelaterte bassenger og nedforkastningen av Leknesgruppen, UiT, 2015. [intranet]

Jabbar, A., Reservoir Quality of Lower-Middle Jurassic sandstones within the Johan Castberg Field in the SW Barents Sea, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Jørgensen, K., Sedimentology of inter-channel deposits of the Aspelintoppen Formation, Brogniartfjella, Svalbard, UiB, 2015. [intranet]

Khan, A., Reservoir quality of the Stø and Nordmela Formations in well 7220/8-1, Johan Castberg Area in the SW Barents Sea, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Kongsgården, K., Sedimentology of channel-deposits of the Aspelintoppen Formation, Brogniartfjella, Svalbard, UiB, 2015. [intranet]

Lundekvam, P., Land sokkel korrelasjon av sprø mesozoiske og paleozoiske forkastninger i et profil over Vestfjordbassenget, Vestvågøya og Ribbebassenget, UiT, 2015. [intranet]

Marheni, L., Seismic sedimentology of Triassic channel complex in the Barents Sea. NTNU, 2014/2015. [intranet]

Mohammedyasin, M.S., Deep-seated faults and hydrocarbon leakage in the Snøhvit Gas Field, Hammerfest Basin, southwestern Barents Sea. NTNU 2014/2015. [intranet]

Norkus, A., Pre-Jurassic evolution of the Fingerdjupet Subbasin area, SW Barents Sea, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Panou, N., Microscopic and organic geochemical characterizarion of the Lower Carnian black shale interval in the Northern Calcareous Alps, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Prøis, B.M, Late Paleocene – earliest Eocene prograding system in the SW Barents Sea, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Rallakis, D., Geochemical Comparison of Oils and Source Rocks from Barents Sea, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Rønningen, A., The first attempt to correlate the migrated bitumen from the Helgeland Basin cores to Devonian source rocks and oils from the UK Orcadian Basin – Is there a Devonian Orcadian type basin offshore Norway?, UiO, 2015. [intranet]

Strand, S., Layer parallel shortening and cataclastic flow by fractures in the Permian Kapp Starostin Formation, Mediumfjellet, Spitsbergen, UNIS, UiB, 2015. [intranet]


Canales, M., Seismic interpretation and evaluation of the Cenozoic uplift in the southwestern Barents Sea, NTNU, 2013/2014. [intranet]

Christophersen, G., Fracturing and weathering in Billefjorden through, an analogue to top basement reservoir, UNIS, UiB, 2013. [intranet]

Dahlberg, M.E., Structural and stratigraphical evolution of the Fingerdjupet Subbasin, SW Barents Sea, UiO, 2014. [intranet]

Dimitriou, M., Lower Cretaceous Prograding Units in the eastern part of the SW Barents Sea, UiO, 2014. [intranet]

Harishydayat, D., Seismic Expression of Deep-Water Fan with an Example from Triassic in Southwestern Barents Sea, NTNU, 2013/2014. [intranet]

Naurstad, O., Sedimentology of the Aspelintoppen Formation (Eocene-Oligocene), Brogniartfjella, Svalbard, UNIS, UiB, 2014. [intranet]

Zhang, D., Imaging reservoir quality of Knurr and Stø Formations in the Hammerfest Basin and RLFC, Norwegian Barents Sea, UiO, 2014. [intranet]

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