Extended deadline to May 10th.

The Centre of Excellence Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Climate, and Environment (CAGE)  in collaboration with the Research Centre in Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEx) has an open PhD fellowship in Physical Oceanography. Candidates with a Master’s degree in physical oceanography or relevant field, and experience in numerical modeling, are invited to apply.

About the position:

Research in the Centre of excellence CAGE focuses on the role of the Arctic Ocean gas hydrate in the context of environmental and climate issues. Understanding methane bubble evolution and transport in the water column will help elucidating methane seepage influence on the benthic and pelagic environment and atmospheric climate gas composition. The fellow will in particular estimate bubble size distributions from image analysis and acoustic measurements, and will incorporate an existing process-based model into a high-resolution 3D model to understand the transport of dissolved and free methane.

For more information, please refer to the full announcement.