ARCEx UiT is looking for candidates with a background in clastic sedimentology/sequence stratigraphy/petroleum geology, or other relevant fields, for a PhD position in Clastic Sedimentology – effects of tectonic and climatic forcing in rift basin sequences.

About the position:

The PhD candidate for this project will work with basin studies in Svalbard and selected parts of the Barents Shelf, focussing on the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of Upper Paleozoic rift basins. The main objective of the project is thus to investigate the sedimentology of Devonian to Carboniferous basin fill successions, and document sedimentary response to tectonic and climatic forcing, as well as relative sea-level changes. The work will mainly be based on fieldwork in Svalbard, including Bjørnøya, combined with literature reviews and integration of previous studies. Where feasible, seismic datasets, as well as wire line logs and core data will be integrated (in both offshore and onshore areas). Some of the envisioned objectives of the position include (but are not limited to):

  • Geological fieldwork involving sedimentological logging and facies analysis, and structural analysis to address the regional and basin-scale tectono-stratigraphic evolution.
  • Integrated description and analysis of cores and associated wire line logs from Svalbard and selected offshore areas (e.g. the Loppa and Stappen highs, and the Finnmark Platform).
  • Digitally characterize relevant outcrop geometries using primarily Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry, utilising ground- and drone-based acquisition.
  • Elucidate and quantify tectonic and climatic forcing recorded in the sedimentary basin fill successions. This include detailed studies of sedimentary systems controlled by basin bounding faults in order to establish better temporal links between source areas, sediment routing and sedimentary sinks (i.e. how fault-controlled uplift impact sediment fairways).
  • Compile, review and integrate previous literature.
  • Contribute to ongoing studies and relevant activities at the department (i.e. ARCEx, Suprabasins).

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