Open position @UNIS: Post-doctoral researcher in Geology; onshore-offshore link of the Upper Palaeozoic in Svalbard and northern Barents Shelf.

ARCEx, together with the Department of Arctic Geology of the University Centre in Svalbard, has a vacancy for a post-doctoral researcher position focusing on Upper Palaoezoic tectonics, basin fill and petroleum systems characterization in the northern Barents Shelf, including the Svalbard archipelago.

  • Organisation: The Department of Arctic Geology of the University Centre in Svalbard
  • Location: Longyearbyen, Svalbard
  • Duration: 2 years temporary position
  • Application deadline: 1st November 2019

About the position:

The Post-doctoral researcher will be affiliated with ARCEx’s work package “Geology”, and will specifically work with basin studies in Svalbard using available 2D seismic, borehole and outcrop data to quantify the links between the Svalbard archipelago and the subsurface of the northern Barents Shelf. The scientific focus will be on the Upper Paleozoic succession and, in particular, the onshore-offshore correlation of Devonian and Carboniferous basins.

Some of the envisioned work tasks may include (but not limited to):

  • Co-ordinate integration of new analyses of available material from exploration boreholes in Svalbard to existing material, and synthesize these in the context of burial histories and regional significance
  • Regional well-outcrop correlation across Svalbard and the surrounding Barents Shelf
  • Integrated geological fieldwork involving structural and sedimentological logging, facies analysis, core description and analysis to address the regional and basin-scale tectono-stratigraphic evolution
  • Digitally characterize relevant outcrop geometries using primarily Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry, utilising boat-, ground- and drone-based acquisition
  • Conduct synthetic seismic modelling of virtual outcrop models for comparison with available 2D seismic data
  • Contribute to ongoing ARCEx studies utilising Svalbard as an analogue to the Barents Sea , and to the synthesis publication efforts planned by ARCEx

Requirements include:

  • a PhD degree or equivalent in an appropriate field (structural geology, sedimentology, seismic interpretation, etc.)
  • Experience with modern data integration and analysis platforms (e.g., Petrel, Lime, SeisRoX, MetaShape) and data types (e.g., borehole, 2D seismic, gravity-magnetics, virtual outcrop models, synthetic seismic)
  • Experience with conducting independent geological fieldwork in Arctic and remote areas, including collecting and analyzing quantitative sedimentological and structural data using traditional field techniques and virtual outcrop models
  • Strong publication track record relevant to the proposed topic
  • Experience in compiling and digitalizing data for regional geological studies
  • Personal suitability and demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent English written and oral communication skills
  • Possession of a full driving license (for snowscooter-based field work)

For more information and how to apply, please refer to the full announcement.