Poster session program – ARCEx Annual Conference 2018

Poster session, Tuesday 9 October, 20:00-22:00


Multi-physical characterisation of central Spitsbergen’s cryosphere: implications for the gas hydrate stability zone onshore Svalbard

Peter Betlem (UNIS), Kim Senger (UNIS), Thomas Beka (UNIS/UiT), Andy Hodson (UNIS/Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)


Subnormal Pressure Regimes of the Northern Barents Shelf: Causes and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Thomas Birchall (UNIS), Kim Senger (UNIS), Alvar Braathen (UiO/UNIS), Snorre Olaussen (UNIS)


Structural controls on column height fill. Insights from the Snøhvit gas field in the Hammerfest Basin, SW Barents Sea

Izzy Edmundson (UiB), Atle Rotevatn (UiB), Roy Davies (DEA Norge), Kjetil Broberg (DEA Norge), Graham Yielding (Badley Geoscience Ltd.)


Behavioral response of Polar cod (Boreogadus saida) Larvae Exposed to the Water-Soluble Fraction of Crude Oil at Two Different Temperatures

Julia Gossa (UiT), Carole Di Poi Broussard (IFREMER, France), Morgan Lizabeth Bender (UiT), Jennifer Laurent (UiT), Ragnar Teisrud (UiT), Paul Dubourg (UiT), Marianne Frantzen (Akvaplan-niva), Bjørn Henrik Hansen (SINTEF), James Meador (NOAA, USA), Jasmine Nahrgang (UiT)


Basin development and mapping of potential Lower Cretaceous source rocks in the Møre and Vøring basins and the Western Barents Sea

Andreas Hallberg Hagset (UiT), Sten-Andreas Grundvåg (UiT), Atle Rotevatn (UiB), Roy Davies (DEA), Balazs Badics (DEA)


Correlation between the Carboniferous graben structures, salt accumulations and inversion in the southeastern Norwegian Barents Sea

Muhammad Hassaan (UiO), Jan Inge Faleide (UiO), Roy H. Gabrielsen (UiO), Filippos Tsikalas (Eni Norge)


Geochemical correlation of Triassic successions in the Barents Sea – testing of a non-destructive method

Sigrun Maret Kvendbø Hegstad (UiT), Juha Ahokas (Aker BP), Matthias Forwick (UiT), Sten-Andreas Grundvåg (UiT)


Sound velocity estimation within the cavity cloud generated by an air-gun array

Babak Khodabandeloo (NTNU), Martin Landrø (NTNU)


Devonian core complex exhumation and Cenozoic decollements as alternatives to the Ellesmerian Orogeny

Jean-Baptiste Koehl (UiT)


ARCEx-CAGE-AMGG cruise 2018: Preliminary seismic results

Amando Lasabuda (UiT), Tom Arne Rydningen (UiT), Jan Sverre Laberg (UiT), and GEO-3144/8144 at Department of Geosciences, UiT


Trap and seal analysis of the Northern Barents Shelf

Renate Paulsen (UiT)


Mitigation of spatial aliasing in undersampled geophone arrays by dynamic time warping

Rowan Romeyn (UiT), Alfred Hanssen (UiT), Tor Arne Johansen (UiB)


Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Paleogene Forlandsundet Graben – new insights from Sarsøyra, Western Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway

Niklas Schaaf (UiO/UNIS), Per Terje Osmundsen (NGU), Kim Senger (UNIS)


Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition in X-T domain: A novel approach to improve data quality in seismic acquisition on sea-ice

Ronny Tømmerbakke (UiB), Tor Arne Johansen (UiB), Bengt Ole Ruud (UiB), Leiv J. Gelius (UiO)


Investigating the Middle to Late Triassic Successions on Edgeøya, Svalbard – A Multidisciplinary Approach

Fredrik Wesenlund (UiT), Victoria Sjøholt Engelschiøn (NHM/UiO), Sofie Bernhardsen (NTNU), Jostein Røstad (NTNU)